Sara is a destination portrait, wedding, and fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Whether the client wants to collaborate on a concept, or let her dream up an idea, she works to artistically capture the subject, the moment, or the garment. Often described as a whimsical and magical, her images feature a subject in dramatic lighting in a beautiful landscape. Her work is heavily influenced both by her Pakistani heritage and international upbringing. Growing up in the Middle East, Africa and Asia has compelled her desire to search for the exotic, mysterious, and spiritual elements in her environment and her subject's culture and style. Warrior and the Gypsy represents that influence, drawing from all things nomadic, wild, and free in spirit.

"Picking up a camera 18 years ago was the best decision of my life. Not only was I able to capture my family’s nomadic existence, but I have now been able to make a career out of something which I am so incredibly passionate about. I get to creatively capture, and be a part of some of the best memories of a person’s life. To me, it is a deeply spiritual and fulfilling career. I have always said that taking a photograph feels like saying a prayer – it so intensely brings me into the present moment.

While photographing has always been a passion of mine, it wasn’t my first job. I worked for several Fortune 500 companies after graduating from the University of Southern California, followed by a master’s in Psychology from Pepperdine. It was after I met the man of my dreams that all the pieces of my life fell into their rightful place.  We married in the magical Ottoman Imperial Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul Turkey, and vowed to live a life of passion and purpose. I combined the love of working with people (Psychology), and my business experience, and put it into my photography.  Currently, we live in the scenic mountains of Topanga, hiking, traveling, and spending time with the people that matter most to us."

- Sara Khan